Cyber Security

Protecting your business from cyber attack is an unfortunate necessity for most companies operating today. A wide range of malicious actors operate secretly to gather information about your business, looking for vulnerabilities to exploit so that they can steal or extort money from you.

The good news is that by employing a few simple information security measures (changes to systems, and working practices) you can make your company a hard target. As is often the case with criminals, a hard target is passed over in favour of finding an easier victim to exploit.

We can support you by auditing your systems and explaining in simple terms how to strengthen the borders of your information ecosystem. From here, we can assist you with obtaining Cyber Essentials accreditation (a UK Government backed scheme costing only £300 that certifies your organisation as being resistant to cyber attack, including basic cyber liability insurance). Beyond that we can provide guidance enabling a pathway to Cyber Essentials Plus or suggest suitable cyber insurance policies from our trusted partner Ravenhall Risk Solutions.