About Us

Within the ever-expanding Fingertip Solutions team we seek the perfect balance between experience, youthful energy and new ideas. Austin and Matt began working together in IT back in 1997 and Russell in 1999. Keith, Rachael and James joined the team in 2022 and Oladipo, Hayden and Aisha became our newest recruits in 2023.

We’re always looking to expand the team, ideally with people who we know and are recommended to us. If you’re interested in a career within IT, whatever your level of experience, feel free to send us your CV and a covering letter to enquiries@fingertip-solutions.co.uk


After leaving The University of Leeds with a Degree in Chemical Engineering in 1998, Austin has had a varied IT career spanning 25+ years. Notable roles have been database designer for the Rail Infrastructure Corporation in Sydney, Australia and Information Architect for oil-field services company Schlumberger.

Nowadays you’ll find him devoting his time to either Fingertip Solutions customers, his family, Manchester United or anything French. Austin collects vintage computers, video game consoles and workstations. If you have a burning desire to see one of the computers used in Jurassic Park or play the original Sonic the Hedgehog on a period 1993 Sega Megadrive then Austin has you covered.


Matt matches Austin’s 25 years of experience within IT and before joining Fingertip Solutions he was the senior installation engineer for one of the North West’s largest Educational IT providers, and then managed the network of a nationwide chain of recruitment consultants.

Matt is a family man, too, and is devoted to his wife and 2 beautiful children. Outside of family life he lives and breathes technology, and brings his many skills to bear in building systems for and piloting
aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you have a question about high-end gaming PC’s, Matt is guaranteed to have the answer.

Matt also loves collecting hobby related paraphernalia – 3 x electric Guitars, 3 x bikes (and counting) and he likes to spend time on his prized allotment.


Russell is our Financial Director. He has worked in the IT industry for nearly 30 years and he has held various roles in the public and private sectors.

Russell has a deep rooted appreciation for Apple products dating back to the days of the Macintosh LC II and if Russell can’t answer your Mac or iOS question then I doubt anyone can. Russell is married to Beth and has two great, energetic boys. Russell’s hobbies include basketball, video games, flying his drone and family holidays to name but a few.

Russell is dedicated to helping people inside and outside of work.