YouTube – Making more money or crazy cat videos!


It is strange how Google has become a key element in our daily lives for getting information.


However, it was their purchase of a video website in 2006, which was only 18 months old, that is now changing the corporate world today.

Even with its one billion users, YouTube is still yet to reach its potential. It’s become less about the crazy cat videos and more a place for businesses to grow their brand awareness, improve their customer service and make more sales.

Speak to a child under the age of 15 and ask them what live TV shows they watch.  Not Netflix, BBC iPlayer or other streaming services but live broadcasting shows. They watch very few if any. But ask them which YouTube channels they subscribe to or watch? You’ll see the difference.

Millennials are people born between 1982 and 2004. These people have grown up with the internet, social media and smart phones. Information is in such an abundance for young people, they don’t seek it out answers from other people, they seek it out online.

If they have an issue with something, they don’t call an expert straight away.  They “YouTube it” first to see if it can be solved by themselves. It is these millennials who are now becoming big decision makers within a business, becoming business owners themselves and becoming influential in their own right. YouTube is part of their everyday life and is massively part of their purchasing decisions.

How can YouTube be used by a business to enhance their customer service?

One of the most irritating problems with most businesses customer services is getting to speak to someone who actually knows how to solve the problem you’ve got.   Furthermore, consider how many customers call in asking about the same issue, problem or challenge?

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a link to a video which solved all your issues?  Your customer can pause and rewind and solve their problem in their own time.  The business can, as a result, re-focus on income generating activities and any calls they do get are issues which need their most attention #Bliss.

Imagine one of your customers has just bought a product from you. Wouldn’t it be fantastic customer service if they received a short video saying “Thank you for buying our [Product/Service] we just want to show you three top tips on how to… [Set up your new product], [Get the most out of your new product], [what other products may interest you].

These videos only need to be two minutes long but value of the product or service you offer has now gone through the roof! What great customer service! And this is just scratching the service.

How can YouTube be used to grow a business brand or image?

People buy from people. A common phrase. People buy more from people they like, know and trust.  Fact!  YouTube can do this in hundreds of different ways.

For example,

  • Humanizing your team

Showing your customers who you are, who is the director? Who is the sales person a customer is likely speak to? Who is the lady they speak to on the phone when calling the business up? Break the business barrier and show the human aspect or your business.

  • Share a story

Millennials are 80% more likely to buy something if it has a great story behind it.

Does your business do charity work or give donations? SHOW why you do it!

Is a member of staff doing a sponsored 10K run? TELL the world!

Is your business working towards a certain goal? SHARE it and be proud! 

  • Free Content

If a business can utilise this then you can be on to a real winner.

We are currently in the information age and gaining knowledge is extremely easy. If you are the person or business which is giving the free content away then you are truly a person in power.

Be known for solving problems for free or educating customers with solutions. Don’t give away all your secrets but the givers gain is massive in today’s society. If you give on YouTube, you will receive massively and be known as an expert in your field.


How can YouTube make a business more money?

If you’ve been reading everything so far and began to apply and integrate everything said, then you should already begin to see your brand increase and see your current customers become happier with the service you’ve offered.

Greater customer service = Greater recommendation referrals = More Sales!

Greater brand awareness = More interest in your business = More Sales!

It’s not rocket science! If people watch and talk about your business then your bottom line will increase.


You’ve done everything you’ve heard today.

You’re on YouTube.

You’ve got plenty of videos on there and your customers are starting to view them. And view them more. And view them even more!

YouTube will now show a quick ad before your video.  Most videos have one.  That is now is money in your pocket. YouTube will pay YOU because YOUR customers are watching YOUR video.

I would just like to remind you that in 2017, the top “YouTuber” earned over $12Million…

YouTube is going to become more and more influential for businesses. Not just nationally but internationally, it is a great way to interact with customers and influence their buying decisions. The content being uploaded every minute is changing from a “cat video” to “how to buy BitCoin”.

YouTube is not just for kids anymore and it has not been for a while. It is a platform which can be as popular as your website, your social media or your shop. You need to be utilising it because if you’re not, then your competition is or will be, very, very soon.