WizeFloor Interactive Floor for Education

WizeFloor: Move | Play | Educate

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What is WizeFloor?

WizeFloor Interactive Floor for Education

….. Did we mention that it’s Award Winning!!!!!!

It is designed in a way that promotes collective and differentiated learning styles and needs through play and physical activity. From a projector learning-activities are projected onto the floor. A camera tracks the movement of the players using their hands and feet to interact with the floor.

  •  A social and collaborative learning experience through physical movement
  •  Suitable for schools, nurseries, special schools, hospitals, adult education and eldercare
  •  The software works great on interactive tables and boards
  •  Approximately four to six players can use the floor at the same time

Collaborative Learning

“WizeFloor provides a fantastic opportunity for collaborative learning with many of the activities requiring teamwork.”

School teacher, UK


“A girl who could only say three words was able to do exercises with letters and numbers, which we had no idea she could. She could express herself using her feet.”

SEN teacher

An Exciting Addition

“WizeFloor is an exciting addition to our school which has improved the motivation, concentration and collaboration between our children.”

School teacher, Denmark


  • Many activities available, for example and including, quizzes, memory, balloon and categorisation games
  • Create exercises with your own pictures, sounds and videos using any mobile device or computer
  • Thousands of exercises for every subject and level already available through the WizeFloor community
  • Available in a light, standard and premium version with different selections of apps and server space available

“The kids love the many different games and they can also operate it themselves.

They can even create new games by phone or tablet.”

Nursery teacher

Meet WizeFloor Go

The new portable WizeFloor

The WizeFloor GO  is a brand new learning product which allows you to set up WizeFloor activities at a location of your choice. Specifically, the product encourages physical movement, play and collaboration and comes with a wide range of different learning activities.

  •  Includes projector, camera and PC in a handy box on wheels
  •  Move to any room and set up with ease
  •  Increase the projection size to fit the number of players
  •  Approx. three to four players can use the floor at the same time

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WizeFloor: Move | Play | Educate

Learning through play and physical movement

WizeFloor provides a vast collection of games and activities!  They are projected onto the floor and made interactive using camera tracking technology. Furthermore, players use their hands, feet and other physical objects such as bean bags or play cones to play games.  Players will complete activities individually or in groups.