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Did you know this about Austin?

Check out the “ABOUT US” section – along with the very realistic caricatures of us (we asked to be made thinner, better looking and younger – think they failed on that one) ……. we wanted you to know some little bits about us!

Here’s some extras about the Founder and MD, Austin Pass. ¬†Austin is known as “Two-Brains” to his work colleagues due to his unparalleled brain power and genius-like prowess within the IT world.

He has built a customer focused business, over the last 12 years, that prides itself on the BEST technical support and expertise.

His motto is “always say YES as we will always find a solution” and “we should always exceed expectations”

You can’t go wrong with an attitude like this!

Team Fingertip Solutions
“IT Solutions at your Fingertips”